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TaylorUhe LLC is known for its strategy-driven approach to lobbying, the ethical manner in which it carries out assignments and the importance of regular accountability to clients. Its high degree of success in handing complex legislative issues is a direct result of these attributes and the skills and experience of its principals.

The attorneys and professionals of TaylorUhe have decades of experience working in state government, law and private industry. With insights honed by years of experience across the spectrum of issues that come before the General Assembly, TaylorUhe understands how to craft individualized strategies and help clients achieve their policy goals.

In addition to TaylorUhe's principals Mark Taylor and Rob Uhe, Jennifer Morrison is also a key member of the lobbying team, having worked on behalf of many of TaylorUhe's clients for 15 years or more. Jennifer brings a wealth of state government and lobbying experience to client issues.

"I've found TaylorUhe has a bipartisan approach to lobbying that makes them credible with both political parties in the House and Senate. That's not always the case with a single lobbying firm, and it helps the client fully understand and assess how their issues are viewed."

Doug McFarlan
Sr. Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications
Midwest Generation LLC